Hey there my friend!

My name is Jeff Buchanan and I am just a regular “dude” from California who loves God, loves his family and loves living life!

I have been around the block a few times in the sales/marketing arena and I have spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours online trying to figure out how to make this Network Marketing thing happen. And I am happy to say that I have finally “broke the code” and found “the secrets” to making money from home using the internet.

It is an exciting time when you finally realize that you can have true freedom in your finances and in your life in general and begin focusing on what really matters.

To me what really matters is having healthy relationships with my nephew Kaiden, my parents, my sister and all my friends & family. It is so much more important than trying to work 55 hours a week at a “9-5 job” trying to make my next buck and save for my retirement. I absolutely love playing basketball, snowboarding, surfing and staying fit. Also I truly love music and serving at my church and all those things are attainable because I am no longer tied down to a prison (job) where I used to slave hour after hour just to make chicken change and follow orders from somebody that was banking off of my sweat and tears.

No Thanks!

I would much rather be homeless.

Well…Not really =)


But I don’t have to because I am free to work when I want and how I want and I love helping others to find this Freedom of Life as well!

I look forward to meeting you and enjoying the fullness that life has to offer!


Much Love and Respect!

Jeff Buchanan