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Instant Payday Network Testimonials

Hey Guys!
Our Instant Payday Network Team has grown by over 215 members in the last 4 weeks!
Great job!
I want to get some testimonial videos for those of you who have been referring people into IPDN.
So here is the scoop…
Create a short 3 minute testimonial about how IPDN is helping you and some results you are getting on YouTube and then send me the link to review it.
Subject: IPDN testimonial video
I will pick the best videos and then post them on my personal blog which gets 100′s of views everyday and 
on the Facebook Page to get you some extra exposure. =)
Also, keep a lookout for my emails because I am putting together a team co-op so you can take advantage of my 
paid advertising experience and boost your traffic!
I believe in you…
To the top!
Jeff Buchanan
P.S. Success starts with your belief in yourself and taking action based on the faith you have inside to produce results!
If you don’t quit…nothing can stop you!

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    I’m very new to IPDN, just started couple of days ago. I’m going to make a video any way, I already have some on YouTube.
    The funniest thing is that I can’t figure out how to get the HTML code of my Capture Page to insert it in my Web site and blog.
    If you can tell me. Thank you Jeff!

  2. Hey Jeff! nice to meet you, I really need you to show me how to be able to get in… the thing is I live in Panama City in Latin America, and the program is restricted in my country… You must find a way… PLEASE!…

    Emmanuel Camarena
    Panama City

  3. Hello Jeff;
    I just started today and I have listen to a lot of information at
    the back office, so in the mean time, I will do all I can to get
    this business going, thanks so much, and I will see you at the

  4. Hey Jeff,
    I have been in the program for a couple weeks and already earning $$$$$$!!!
    I love the idea ( you are for real ). I am trying to figure out how to drive more traffic to my capture page so I can get my numbers UP. I am a hard worker but I`m not a computer expert by any means so I am experiencing some problems as I try to figure out the traffic thing. I have all the faith in the world in the program as well as you. I AM going to get on up there ….wait and see! Thanks for the hope and drive you have put back into me. See you when I get Up THERE. Perry

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